Nature-Based Feminine Leadership with Edveeje

A Wise Instinctual Luminous Daughter of Earth

A free online retreat for those who long to activate their soul calling, give voice to the Sacred Feminine, and restore Nature.


For over twenty years, I have midwifed hundreds of women and countless projects, organizations, and businesses at the regional, national and global levels.

As the founder of The Nature-based Feminine Leadership Institute, I inspire and encourage women to follow their deep joy and desires as they conceive, gestate, and birth their Great Work in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature.


Imagine a world in which we women boldly reclaim our glory, our wisdom, and our wildness as the basis of our feminine leadership and soul work. Imagine a world in which business and the way we work is in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature.

I founded the Nature-based Feminine Leadership Institute because I believe in that world. I believe the connection between a woman’s inner and outer nature is an emerging paradigm of Feminine Leadership…


The Executive Sabbatical

Life is beautiful. And life is meant to be joyful; filled with moments that make us gasp with delight, shiver with expectation, and drop us to our knees in appreciation. We are called to embody our deepest desires, knowing it’s our joy that meets the world’s deep...

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Soul Conversations that Change the World

As teenagers we sensed our vocations were intended to be more than a job that paid the bills. We looked at the land of the living dead all around us and swore we wouldn’t end up like them. We knew we were born to make big circles, and even larger splashes, in the...

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Following Nature’s Lead

Imagine a world in which business is grounded in the wisdom of living systems and strategic leadership is rooted and grounded in nature-based principles of sustainable growth and organic development. Imagine bringing soul and spirit, as well as our planet’s...

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