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Women long for beauty. We long to experience joy. We ache to feel the expansiveness of our love overflow to those people, places, and causes we cherish.  But to regularly feel beauty in our bones, joy flowing through our veins, and our soul pulsing with life-passion, we need a new practice with ancient origins.

If you are tired of being tired, are overwhelmed by your sense of being overwhelmed, and your stress level is starting to stress you out, and you ache for something more; something more alive, more vital, more passionate than the 9-to-5, this is the wild and sacred medicine your soul is asking for.


  • Join a sisterhood dedicated to rest, renewal and joy as our ground of being.
  • Learn how to incorporate the spirit of Sabbatical into your daily life.
  • Explore the reasons for taking a Sabbatical.
  • Identify the signs of needing a Sabbatical (or a downshift in lifestyle).

Over the Course of this Journey We Will Explore:

This is a sacred and wild journey into the heart of the Feminine Principle in which we will explore the spiritual calling to rest, rejuvenate, and restore ourselves as we follow our deep joy in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature.

Whether you are about to set out on a year-long Sabbatical, have found a glorious way to carve out a partial Sabbatical, or are curious about how to slow your life down in the spirit of Sabbatical, this three-part introductory journey will support your soul’s rest, renewal, and joy.

The Wild and Joyful Leap into Rest & Renewal

Part I

You know, bone deep, the time has come to take a short break or a long rest. You feel like you are poised at the cliff-edge, but not sure how to slow down or what form it should take. You might already be spreading your wings and about to take the beautiful and bold leap into a semi or full Sabbatical. Before you leap, it be assuring and inspiring to know there is a safety net, a field guide, and a compass pointing you True North on the Sabbatical Journey.


The Ten Signs it’s Time to Take a Sabbatical

Part II

Are you chronically overwhelmed, burned out, or stressed out? Do you feel edgy, fatigued, or disinterested in life? These are potential signs that your soul is longing for a spiritual tincture and natural remedy: Sabbatical. In part two of this series we explore those signs in detail and find ways to integrate rest and renewal into our lives. 

The Ten Reasons to Take a Sabbatical

Part III

There are as many reasons to take a Sabbatical as there are women who long to take one. In part three we will explore the top ten reasons to take a Sabbatical. This retreat is designed to uplift, encourage, and guide you in your quest to create sacred time and space in which to deeply rest and renew yourself.

What the Journey includes:

Each Retreat Includes

  • A wisdom teaching to give context to your journey
  • A Guided Visualization to access your soul’s wisdom
  • Some Journaling Prompts that will help us access your souls’ truth

Membership in Sabbatical Sanctuary Facebook Circle

Edveeje hosts an on-going sacred circle in which we can all experience a deeper connection with one another as we take this collective journey into the spirit and soul of Sabbatical. This private Facebook group is hosted by Edveeje and is a place you are invited to bring your questions, insights, struggles, and thoughts knowing you will be received by the sisterhood at a deep soul level.

A Sabbatical Sanctuary Field Guide

A course Field Guide designed to help you integrate the teachings in practical ways and in your daily life.

How Your Journey Will Unfold

  • Upon registration and payment, you will receive a Welcome from Edveeje which includes a link to The Sabbatical Sanctuary Retreat package.
  • The package includes three retreats that can be experienced in the place and time of your choosing.
  • An invitation to join the private Sabbatical Sanctuary Facebook group.
  • The Sabbatical Sanctuary Field Guide to supplement your journey

How to Take Your Seat:

25% of the profits of this course are donated to TreeSisters to plant trees and continue their
crucial work of restoring the Earth’s rainforests.

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