Nature-Based Feminine Leadership with Edveeje

A Wise Instinctual Luminous Daughter of Earth

A free online retreat for those who long to activate their soul calling, give voice to the Sacred Feminine, and restore Nature.


For over twenty years, I have midwifed hundreds of women and countless projects, organizations, and businesses at the regional, national and global levels.

As the founder of The Nature-based Feminine Leadership Institute, I inspire and encourage women to follow their deep joy and desires as they conceive, gestate, and birth their Great Work in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature.


Imagine a world in which we women boldly reclaim our glory, our wisdom, and our wildness as the basis of our feminine leadership and soul work. Imagine a world in which business and the way we work is in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature.

I founded the Nature-based Feminine Leadership Institute because I believe in that world. I believe the connection between a woman’s inner and outer nature is an emerging paradigm of Feminine Leadership…


The Missing Mermaid

Women are magnetically drawn to the ocean. Our wombs embody its power, depth, mystery, and creative capacity. Could that be why the mermaid is so present in many women’s psyches. We know there is a hidden dimension to our being that can only be explored in the oceanic...

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Wild Invitations

In Part I (From Mexico to Chiang Mai) I shared the first phase of my soul’s epic journey. I had walked out on my faith, my home, my marriage, and being a doctor’s wife. I had walked out on my whole world, but I gained my soul.  The scales balanced. After returning...

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From Mexico to Chiang Mai

I knew I shouldn’t be walking down the aisle. But I did it anyway. He wasn’t the love of my soul. Why was I marrying him? My father knew the truth. That’s why he didn’t come to my wedding, let alone walk me down the aisle. I walked myself. I had just turned twenty-two...

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