About Edveeje

As the founder of A Woman’s Nature School, I inspire and encourage us as women to follow our deep joy and desires as we conceive, gestate, and birth our Great Work in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature.

For over twenty years, I have midwifed hundreds of women and countless projects, organizations, and businesses at the regional, national and global levels. My unique Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom retreats have inspired thousands of women who long to live wild and authentic lives rooted in soul and grounded in joy.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ambassador University, an M.Ed from Endicott College and I have nine credits within a PhD Program of Women’s Spirituality. I have taught in community colleges and adult education centers from Boston to Dallas, and am certified in the Art of Hosting from Berkana Institute. Having spent 20 years as a Certified Personal Trainer, my unique soul-centric business and educational approach puts the question that matters most in the center of the conversation: “What is my deep joy as a woman and how can it meet Nature and humanity’s deep needs?”

“Edveeje’s positive, open and encouraging nature makes it easy for you to step up into a greater leadership role within your life and business. Connecting with Edveeje was a powerful catalyst for developing my work with The Nature Process and her belief in my work enabled me to develop and run the program and turn the course into a book (now in its 2nd edition).”

Tabitha Jayne

Sustainable Business Leaders Coach - Author of The Nature Process

Soul Conversations With Edveeje

I believe conversations shape and change the world. Much can be alchemized, transformed, and created through deep and soulful conversation, which is why we long for an anam cara, a wise soul-friend, with whom we can share our deepest selves and our dreams. I am passionate about having inspiring conversations with women who want to create soul-infused lives and joy-filled businesses as they move through three essential and powerful soul-epics of life: the Apprentice, the Artisan, and the Master.

“My weekly soul conversations with Edveeje have been a beacon of pure insight, a wellspring of inspiration, and a sanctuary of profound support for me. Thanks to Edveeje’s wise counsel, vibrant clarity, deeply-lived earth wisdom, fierce truth telling, and abundant upliftment and celebration, I now feel fully embedded in my true calling in the world.”

Sophie Jane Mortimer

Communications Consultant for Women Changemakers

Edveeje coached me through the early stages of my own social enterprise, always encouraging me to work in ways that are both effective and authentic to the vision and mission of my work. Edveeje brings clarity, purpose and wise, loving council.  She is a hugely encouraging, intuitive and highly effective coach.

Emily Stewart

Founder of The Real Period Project

About A Woman’s Nature School

Imagine a world in which women’s womb-based wisdom is the compass that points humanity True North. Imagine a world in which our inner feminine nature reflects and embodies the power, vibrancy, and true life-giving wildness of Nature.

A Woman’s Nature School believes in that world. We believe the connection between a woman’s inner nature and outer nature is an emerging paradigm of Feminine Leadership in which we women access the wisdom of our wombs (through our monthly cycle and pelvic bowls) and the wisdom of Nature to inform, inspire, and guide how we lead our lives, families, communities, organizations, causes, and companies.

Women are birthing The Great Work, and as such, the metaphor of “conception, pregnancy, birthing and midwifery” is an emerging feminine form of business development and operations. Accessing and nourishing the depths of our pelvic bowl, the sacred center of our souls and our womb wisdom, is an emerging art form in business leadership.

A Woman’s Nature School co-creates a metaphysical womb in which a woman’s innovative ideas and dreams can be conceived, nourished, and birthed as vocations and businesses that make the world a better place for everyone.

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Edveeje has a high intuition, an uncanny instinct for picking up on the unsaid and unnamed in the field, and great practical business acumen. She can care for the heart and soul of your work while also meeting the ‘real’ world challenges of running a business. 

Alexandra Pope

Co-Founder of Red School and Co-Author of Wild Power

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Our Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom Coaching and creativity model is “eco-psycho-spiritual” in nature, which means women choose to work with us because we are passionate about putting a woman’s soul and spirit, as well as our darling Planet Earth’s well-being, back into the leadership and business equation.

Women are being invited as leaders in a Great Renewal in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature. The Womb and Nature are sources of feminine leadership and wisdom. It is time we accessed The Creative Matrix of the Womb and of Nature herself.

An intimate sharing from the former TreeSisters’ Director of Communications, Sophie Jane Mortimer, about her Nature-based Feminine Leadership coaching experience with Edveeje