A Woman’s Nature School


Welcome to our Mystery Mind Classes, an intimate and immersive on-line experience (based in The Art of Hosting) in which we take a deep dive into the core teachings presented in The Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom Book Club.

What Is a Mystery Mind Class?

While both the Masculine Principle and the Feminine Principle are essential to the health and wellbeing of all living systems, our Mystery Mind Classes invite and engage the Feminine Principle as the unseen center of growth and emergence.

In our Mystery Mind Classes, the Animas – walking the path of soul – becomes an entirely new approach to embodied learning. While every woman contains both the Feminine and the Masculine within her, our Mystery Mind Classes cultivate and encourage the emergence of the Feminine Principle at a time when women’s lives – and our culture – most need re-balancing.

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The Benefits of a Mystery Mind Class

  • Our approach is conversational rather than instructional and includes such models as Theory U, Open Space Technology, Circle, the Appreciative Approach, Meditation, Journaling, and Quality Questioning.
  • As the facilitators, we set the container for each Mystery Mind Class in the initial session and all other sessions are designed to be conversational, explorational, and interactive.
  • Experience and learn how to put the Feminine Principle at the center of your life and learning journey.
  • Co-create your learning journey with an intimate circle of sisters.
  • Participate in the conception, gestation, and birthing of emergent embodied feminine wisdom within a collective field of sisterhood.

A Woman’s Nature School includes three interconnecting cycles of exploration and integration that deepen into a spiral of transformational inquiry:

Spiral One: The Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom Book Club inspires you to not only read, but deeply engage, the groundbreaking books that are changing the way we embody our feminine wisdom. They are designed to be taken with a large circle of sisters committed to encouraging, witnessing, and celebrating our collective journey.

$39.00 (6-8 weekly sessions)

Spiral Two: The Mystery Mind Classes are a safari of the soul in which we bring the Feminine Principle into the heart of embodied learning. These are small and intimate learning journeys in which we suspend what we think we know, hold space for what wants to emerge through the collective field, and allow ourselves to become channels as we co-create and birth something entirely original for ourselves, one another, and the World Soul.

$129.00 (4 deep dive sessions)

Spiral Three: The Steerswoman’s Journey. This unique, tailored coaching package is a deep-dive into the calling of your soul, your core values and the profound promise of your Great Work in the world. You’ll be inspired, encouraged and empowered to fully integrate the wisdom sourced from the previous two cycles of embodied feminine learning, so that you can create the life you long for; in your work, family life, health, relationships and authentic expression in the world. 

$375.00 (5 sessions within a 3 month seasonal journey)

Mystery Mind Classes

The Five Pillars of a Woman’s Temple 

You’ve read the transformative mythic fable of Lila Sophia and journeyed with the Priestess of Astera in Gaia Codex by Sarah Drew.  You know there is a seed of wisdom that you carry within your soul. How will you plant it in the soil of Mother Earth and in the hearts of humanity? It is time to embody your priestess-hood at a deeper level and this workshop is the next step in your soul safari.