A Woman’s Nature School

Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom Online Courses

Women around the world – from all walks of life – are rising and stepping boldly into our glorious Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom. We are pioneering a new way of being human one book, one course, one organization, one movement at a time. These courses are designed to uplift, encourage, and celebrate your role in the New Story as we collectively write – and live our way into – the future we all want to experience.

The Benefits of Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom Courses

  • Plug directly into Nature’s wisdom as a source of soul guidance
  • Create a healthy and natural physical rhythm that energizes you
  • Cultivate an ability to listen to your soul’s guidance
  • Deepen your understanding of – and connection to – your soul calling
  • Become more emotionally aligned with joy as a daily experience
  • Join a sisterhood who will support and encourage you to live your most authentic life based in your own Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom

All Courses Include the Following

  • Online retreats: Each including a Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom teaching to give context to the journey, a guided visualization to access your soul’s wisdom, and some womb-centric and nature-based wisdom prompts that will help you access the wisdom of the retreat.
  • Recordings of all retreats are included in your purchase package which is designed as a self-study course.
  • Membership in the private Facebook group
  • A course Field Guide designed to help you integrate the teachings in practical ways and in your daily life.

28 Day Lunar Journey with the Wild Feminine

Women are not just hungry. We are starving. We are starving for joy and we are longing for home. Not the domesticated version of it. We are hungry for the wild. To reclaim your wild feminine click here.

Your Inner Wise Women Council

At the core of our feminine being is an ancient and archetypal wisdom that seeks to guide us into the fullness of our destiny and calling. To meet your own Inner Wise Women Council click here.

Women Are Like Trees

Women around the world are rising in the name of the Sacred Feminine and gathering to restore our beloved planet Earth. To take the first step in restoring the wild click here.

UnEarth Your Feminine Nature

Women are reawakening to the inherent connection our wombs have to the Womb of Creation. Collectively we are tapping into the creative power held within this dynamic relationship. To access the Retreat and Field Guides click here.

Soul Safari: Mapping a Cosmology of Women

At the core of this fiery quest is a second, but very personal and transformative question: How can your deep passions and desires meet the world’s deep needs as you become a steward responsible for the total well-being (body, mind, heart, spirit) of yourself and our living planet Earth?  To access Soul Safari click here.

The Five Pillars of a Woman’s Temple

You’ve read the transformative mythic fable of Lila Sophia and journeyed with the Priestess of Astera in Gaia Codex by Sarah Drew. You know there is a seed of wisdom that you carry within your soul. How will you plant it in the soil of Mother Earth and in the hearts of humanity? It is time to embody your priestess-hood at a deeper level and this workshop is the next step in your soul safari. To access The Five Pillars of a Woman’s Temple click here.

When women invest in the wild feminine and reclaim the female body, we connect our power and light to the light within Nature and we restore the presence of the Sacred Feminine. 25% of the profits of these programs will go directly to supporting a charity that is in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature.

What Women Have Experienced

“Edveeje is a wise and loving guide and beautiful soul. With her nature-based leadership, she helped me a lot in understanding myself better as a woman and part of this planet. I am forever grateful for her work, support and her bright light that she shares so generously!

Sarah Schill

“Edveeje is a guiding light, taking us deep to remember our true selves and our True North.

Karen Jackson

“It is a challenge to put into words my inner journey with Edveeje. She guided, informed and helped me gather my courage to connect deeply with the earth and the energies of the earth in me. To connect with deep wisdom, truth, love and power in and around me in nature. To dive deeply into the wild feminine which was so healing, empowering and enlightening. I can hardly express my immense gratitude.

Maura Mcguirk

“Such lovely, body comforting wisdom can be found here. Womb-sourced and heart sourced is truly the portal to nature-based living and feminine leadership and are found within Edveeje’s inspiring words. This is a treasure trove resource for those seeking the divine feminine in our bodies and connections to nature and the cycles of the earth. Thank you, Edveeje. 

Jodine Cognato Turner

“Edveeje provides thorough, comprehensive and soulful guidance on how I can tend to my inner needs so as to manifest more fully in the outer world. I love the Nature-based approach and delving deep into my Inner Wise Women Council. It has helped me tune in to my own rhythms and cycles, as well as shifted me into better alignment with Nature. Thank you! “

Irene Chong

“Edveeje’s wise, embodied and fully lived council is food for the soul.

Emily Stewart

“Edveeje’s teachings are sourced in her personal questing, acquired wisdom and future visioning for our planet and its inhabitants. She generously shares her gifts with those who desire deeper connection to themselves and one another through nature in a harmonious way. I find both wisdom and comfort in this. In gratitude.

Christine O’Brien

“In a world filled with deadlines, intolerance, and anxiety, it is a balm to discover a growing network of women, led by Edveeje through Nature-based Feminine Leadership, who have discovered that it is beneficial to slow down and let ideas gestate and become fully developed, who whole-heartedly encourage and support each other, and who realize that when they take time to rest and reflect that the well-springs of creativity, passion, and productivity flow more generously out into their families, jobs, and communities.

Kim Seidenwand