28 Day Lunar Journey

With the Wild Feminine 

Women are not just hungry. We are starving. We are starving for joy and we are longing for home. Not the domesticated version of it. We are hungry for the wild. For women who are ready to experience and reclaim the power and joy of the female body, this course will sync your daily rhythm up with the creative forces of Nature as you learn to follow the wisdom of La Luna and listen to the root of your female body – the pelvic bowl.

* It doesn’t matter if you have had a hysterectomy or are no longer menstruating. This journey is designed to align our pelvic bowls with the Moon cycles and Nature’s seasonal wisdom.


  • Learn how to apply the Wild Feminine concepts in practical ways that continue to fuel your womb fire.
  • Integrate the Wild Feminine pelvic bowl teachings with your monthly menstrual practice.
  • Sync up your pelvic bowl wisdom with the phases of the Moon as your monthly creative guide.
  • Expand the Wild Feminine teachings into a nature-based lifestyle that plugs your womb into the wisdom of nature and the seasons.
  • Connect your womb to the light within Nature (the Earth Soul) in order to heal the World Soul.

Over the Course of this Journey We Will Explore:

Experience the creative cycle and wisdom of La Luna as it relates to and interacts with our menstrual cycle, the four seasons, the oceanic tides, and the pelvic bowl. Each of the weekly retreats is designed to create an inspiring conversational container in which to experience your four-week journey:

  • Week One: The Dark of the Moon, Winter, Menstruation, Low Tide, the Vagina
  • Week Two: The Waxing Moon, Spring, Pre-ovulation, Rising Tide, the Ovaries
  • Week Three: The Full Moon, Summer, Ovulation, High Tide, the Uterus
  • Week Four: The Waning Moon, Autumn, Pre-menstruation, Lowering Tide, the Uterus

What this Journey with the Wild Feminine includes:

  • Four weekly retreats (1 hour and 15 minutes) with Q&A
  • 28 Daily Inspirations to live the Wild Feminine Life in practical ways
  • Membership in the private Facebook group
  • 28 Day Lunar Journey with the Wild Feminine Field Guide

How the 28 Day Lunar Journey will unfold:

  • Upon registration and payment, you will receive a Welcome from Edveeje which includes a link to the 28 Day Lunar Journey with the Wild Feminine Field Guide.
  • You will also receive an invitation to join the private 28 Day Lunar Journey with the Wild Feminine Facebook group where you can gather with a sacred sisterhood who are collectively embodying their feminine nature-based wisdom and leadership.
  • Your 28 Day Lunar Journey with the Wild Feminine will be activated with Day One aligning with the Dark of the Moon (0% illumination) closest to your registration. This aligns your journey with the creative and energetic wisdom of La Luna while it also plugs the non-menstruating woman directly into the lunar cycle as the basis of the pelvic bowl journey.
  • You will receive 28 daily inspiring mailouts through the course of your journey. I invite you to save them in a folder so that you can retake the journey any time you are inspired.
  • This 28 Day Lunar Journey is inspired by the book Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit, and Joy in the Female Body by Tami Lynn Kent. It is highly recommended that you purchase the book before taking your 28 Day Journey.

How to Take Your Seat:

Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body is the creative and intellectual property of Tami Lynn Kent. Some of her teachings are presented in this online program, not only her permission, but her blessing and deep joy that this work continues to ripple further and further out into a worldwide ocean of sisterhood.


© Edveeje Fairchild, 2020

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