Soul Conversations With Edveeje

The soul unfolds from birth in epics of seven-year cycles. The fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth soul epics spiral through the Apprentice, Artisan, and Master stages of embodying our Great Work.

During each epic and stage, the soul is seeking to be where it longs to be, doing the work it was born to do, alongside of – and on behalf of – a soul tribe.

Edveeje is passionate about having soul conversations that inspire and empower women in these three interrelated and complimentary dimensions.

The Soul Epics:

Through one-to-one mentoring, Edveeje guides women through the sixth, seventh, and eighth soul epics in which the soul longs to explore, identify, and refine the sources of its nourishment, growth, and unfolding.

The 5th Epic

(28-35 years old): exploring the buffet of life.

The 6th Epic

(35-42 years old): identifying what we most prefer in the buffet of life.

The 7th Epic

(42-49 years old): refining what we want to choose in the buffet of life.

The 8th Epic

(49-56 years old): embodying our soul gifts for the nourishment of others.

The Soul Epics:

The Apprentice, Artisan, and Master are the three stages of A Woman’s Guild in which we practice, innovate, and embody our Great Work in the world.

The Apprentice in the Wild Forest

Learning about the Sacred & Wild Feminine

In this stage we explore and identify all of the possibilities for our soul expression while developing the skills sets to manifest our Great Work (typically experienced in the 3rd, 4th and 5th epics).

The Artisan in the Grove of Sovereignty

Embodying the Sacred & Wild Feminine

In this stage we hone our creative passions and gifts as we deepen into our authentic selves. This alchemical soul process creates an innovative womb space in which we conceive, gestate, and birth our unique contribution to the world (typically experienced in the later part of the 6th and 7th epics).

The Master at the Springs

Being A Voice of the Wells

In this stage we embody our wild soul power and enter a phase of spiritual maturity in which we midwife the Great Work of humanity’s rebirthing. Our soul is fully in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of humanity, Nature, and the more-than-human community (typically experienced in the 8th and 9th epics).

* This framework of how a woman’s soul unfolds and expresses itself is an integration of theories from the works of Rudolf Steiner, Howard Thurman, and Bill Plotkin.