UnEarth Your Feminine Nature

Do you want to align with the power that creates worlds? The wild and creative power of Nature is within our wombs and we are in the womb of Nature. We are Nature and Nature is us.  We are twin flames.

We birth the Sacred & Wild Feminine in our lives by aligning ourselves with Nature’s rhythms creatively through the Moon, physically through our menstrual cycle, energetically through the pelvic bowl, and emotionally through the four seasons.

Below you will find all of A Woman’s Nature School’s online courses. They range from 28 days, seven weeks, to year-long journeys.


The Benefits of Aligning with Your Inner and Outer Nature

  • Plug yourself into the Natural power that creates worlds.
  • Fuel your creative fire and increase your monthly manifestation.
  • Sync up your pelvic bowl with the phases of the Moon and/or the four seasons as your rhythm of rest, renewal and creative manifestation.
  • Create a nature-based lifestyle that plugs your womb into the wisdom of Nature which reduces stress, overwhelm, and urgency.
  • Reconnect physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually to the life giving and life renewing forces of Creation.

I invite you to explore a Woman’s Nature School’s online courses. All you need to know is below.

A Year of a Woman’s Soul

Are you longing to express and embody your authenticity and creativity as you tap into the innocent and wild genius of your 16-year-old self? Are you longing to have a passionate conversation with the world in which your deep joy meets the world’s deep needs?

Your Inner Wise Woman Council is a year-long soul safari designed to encourage and empower you to do that by accessing the wisdom of Nature, the creativity of the Moon phases, your menstrual cycle, and your pelvic bowl.

If you want an in-depth soul safari that accesses your soul and your nature-based feminine wisdom as we transform and root your daily lifestyle in Nature, Soul Conversations is a personal coaching package in which, week by week, we delve into the heart of your soul calling. You can book single, monthly, or seasonal packages with me.

Follow Nature’s Lead

Like Nature, our souls unfold gently over the course of a year, year after year.

You can learn to follow Nature’s lead in creating a rhythm of health and well-being by engaging the wisdom of the four seasons. Each season has guiding questions and sacred tasks that interweave throughout the course of a year that plug us directly into the power that creates worlds and catalyzes the soul’s unfolding.

The online course, Women Are Like Trees, and the nature-based feminine wisdom coaching package, Following Nature’s Lead, are both designed to guide you through a seasonal journey in which you experience and embody the life-giving wisdom of living in rhythm with Nature.

  • Autumn – slow down, prune back, let go
  • Winter – rest, dream, and conceive
  • Spring – renew, seed, and unfold
  • Summer – nurture, grow, and blossom

Live & Lead from the Womb

How we can tune into our female body, the wisdom of our menstrual cycle, and the creative power of the pelvic bowl in order to experience more passion, freedom and joy?

How can we live and Lead from the Womb? This is one of my burning questions and I invite you to join me and Sophie Jane Hardy in our Wild Feminine Book Club (by Tami Lynn Kent). This is a seven-week journey of sisterhood and laughter as we explore the passion, freedom, and joy to be found in the female body and the pelvic bowl.

Are you somewhere in the menopausal journey in which your menstrual cycle has become irregular or stopped altogether, but you long to embody the wisdom and rhythm of Nature? Learning to embody the wisdom of La Luna allows you to tap into the cosmic rhythm of Nature through the Moon phases. Take a 28 Day Lunar Journey with the Wild Feminine to align your lifestyle, creativity, and pelvic bowl with the phases of the Moon.

Rise Spiritually Rooted on Behalf of the Earth

How can our lives become expressions of our deep love of the Earth? How do we rise rooted and engage a priestesshood in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature? If you long to become sovereign and embody a spiritual priestesshood, check out two other popular book clubs: If Women Rose Rooted and Gaia Codex.

You might also want to take an intensive 90 minute workshop called The Five Pillars of a Woman’s Temple.

UnEarth Your Feminine Nature

A Seasonal Field Guide

How can you integrate the wisdom of the seasons, the phases of the Moon, your menstrual cycle, and the wisdom of the pelvic bowl into a lifestyle? The UnEarth Your Feminine Nature Retreat & Field Guide is crafted to be an interaction between you, Nature, and your soul. It is designed to take you through an entire nature-based and soul-centric year using nature and womb-based navigational tools that will guide you True North.

A Seasonal Field Guide

  • The Sacred & Wild Feminine Introduction
  • Seasonal Wisdom Questions and Sacred Tasks
  • Following the Wisdom of La Luna – guiding questions for 4 phases
  • This Month’s Moon Ride – inner season and/or moon phases summary
  • Monthly Menstrual Chart – designed to track your emotional alignment
  • Red Tent Insights – companion for 5 Chambers described in Wild Power
  • Pelvic Bowl Journal – aligns with Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent

Your menstrual cycle is sacred, wild, and blessed. Your pelvic bowl is sacred, wild, and blessed. You are sacred, wild, and blessed. May these courses and book clubs put a fair wind in your sails and your nature-based feminine wisdom journey, sister.

When women invest in the wild feminine and reclaim the female body, we connect our power and light to the light within Nature and we restore the presence of the Sacred Feminine. 25% of the profits of these programs will go directly to supporting a charity that is in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature.