After more than twenty years of experience as a spiritual midwife and soul-centric business guide, I am convinced women have a unique leadership gift to bring to the world. Our womb-based wisdom is an essential, but largely unexplored dimension of transformative leadership.

The womb is the seat of a woman’s soul and it is through this womb-soul connection that women give voice to our innate feminine and nature-based wisdom. Engaging our pelvic bowls can catalyze and revitalize our creativity and bring a depth of embodied wisdom to our business practices and leadership styles.

Our pelvic bowls are the root place of our soul calling and life vision. Metaphysically and spiritually our pelvic bowls are the creative matrix of our great work in the world. Our pelvic bowls are the sacred core of our embodied feminine wisdom. And it is here where we begin our vision quest for a more feminine way of leading.

The pelvic bowl has a language all its own, but most women are not fluent in that language and have never been taught how to translate the wisdom the pelvic bowl is trying to share through our monthly menstrual cycle. When we learn the language of the womb we are able to interpret our embodied feminine wisdom through the four phases of our monthly cycle. When we understand what our wombs are saying to us through our menstrual experience we tap into a source of wisdom that runs deeper than the linear, strategic, and structured leadership forms.

The pelvic bowl contains our uterus and our ovaries, both of which have essential roles in embodied feminine leadership. The uterus is where we conceive and gestate our dreams and as such is the seat of our soul power. The role of the uterus is to hold, nourish, and gestate our great works. It also contains an entire cycle of transformation that guides us in how we grow and develop our business dreams and visions.

Our ovarian energy is the soul fire that fuels our manifestation of those dreams. Together the left and right ovaries forge a cycle of creativity in which both the feminine and the masculine principles inform our business rhythm and strategies.

Our fallopian tubes are the conduit that connects our dreams and our soul work with our creative matrix, the womb. They play an essential role in helping us sustain our business rhythm in a way that brings joy, ease and flow.

Our vagina is the gateway of our feminine authority and the guardian of our vision, while the cervix is the door into the chamber of our soul and womb-wisdom. Together they energetically facilitate our power of choice, communicate our receptivity, and protect us against what does not belong in the creative matrix of our lives. Their partnership creates a cycle of personal regeneration that positively impacts our businesses.

Imagine a world in which every woman is invited into this mystical and energetic understanding of her soul and womb wisdom as accessed through her pelvic bowl and interpreted through her monthly menstrual cycle. Imagine a world in which every college age woman takes such a course in her freshmen year that helps her tap into her soul’s true vocation and every young woman entering her career is encouraged to follow her womb wisdom as the source of her leadership and career development.

Pioneers in women’s studies such as Tami Lynn Kent (author of Wild Feminine) have imagined such a world.  Through her systemic, intuitive, and professional understanding of the pelvic bowl and our menstrual cycle, she is helping to re-create the world one woman at a time. My thinking and business coaching have been profoundly inspired by Tami’s work and I owe her a debt of gratitude. I also suggest the following books if you want to be inspired to access your womb wisdom: Wild Power by Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer as well as The Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray.

An intimate sharing from the former TreeSisters’ Director of Communications, Sophie Jane Mortimer, about her Nature-based Feminine Leadership coaching experience with Edveeje