Wise Women Rising Rooted Together


We long to fully embody our feminine wisdom and to bring our gifts to the world in service of the Sacred & Wild Feminine and on behalf of the restoration of Nature. To do so, we must take the Wise Women Journey into the heart of our own unique embodied feminine wisdom. Once we have touched the center of that wisdom we must learn how to channel “the Voices of the Wells” and claim our “Cailleach-ship.” We do this by learning how to embrace and integrate the power of the Feminine Principle at the core of our soul callings.

This Journey is an Invitation To:

Create the Sacred Container:

  • Engage the Art of Dialogue and Conversation
  • Ask Quality Questions (and Not Have Any Answers)
  • Dive Deep into the Future (Principles of Theory U)

Embody the Wild Feminine:

  • Tune into Our Cyclical Bodies
  • Live with the Cycles of Nature
  • Nourish Our Energetic Rhythms

Grow Our Roots:

  • Cultivate Our Pelvic Bowl Wisdom
  • Access the Gifts of Our Ancestors & Family Lineage
  • Strengthen Our Tap Root – Sex, Money, and Power in Service of the Feminine

Become the Voices of the Wells:

  • Serve the Sacred & Wild Feminine
  • Champion the Restoration of Nature
  • Amplify the Voices of the Wells

Claim Our Cailleach-ship:

  • Court Our Inner Wise Women Council
  • Become Spiritual and Cultural Midwives
  • Heal through and Embody the Power of Nature

Each Mystery Mind Class Includes:

Each Retreat Includes: 

  • A wisdom teaching to give context to your journey
  • A Guided Visualization to access your soul’s wisdom
  • Some Journaling Prompts that will help us access your souls’ truth

Live Sessions
Four live 90-minute sessions and recordings of all sessions sent via email.

Membership in the Wise Women Rising Rooted Together Facebook Circle
Edveeje hosts an on-going sacred circle in which we can all experience a deeper connection with one another as we take this collective journey. This private Facebook group is hosted by Edveeje and is a place you are invited to bring your questions, insights, struggles, and thoughts knowing you will be received by the sisterhood at a deep soul level.

A Wise Women Rising Rooted Together Field Guide
A Mystery Mind Field Guide designed to help you integrate the exploration in practical ways and in your daily life.

Personal Coaching
One 60-minute Personal Coaching Session with the Facilitator of Your Choice

To Claim Your Seat In The Circle

To create a powerful, intimate, and conversational experience, each Mystery Mind Class is limited to 12 seats.

This course is non -refundable.

25% of the profits of this course are donated to TreeSisters to plant trees and continue their
crucial work of restoring the Earth’s rainforests.

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