To most of the world, WILD is a four-letter word. And so is vagina. We all learned there are some things we don’t discuss in polite company.

Until now.

I recently took the most amazing 7-week journey into the world of the Wild Feminine (by Tami Lynn Kent) with eighty other women. Together, in a sacred circle of sisterhood, we plummeted the depths of wisdom found within the root of the female body. We invoked the wild and even said vagina right out loud in the live retreats.

And yet, even in our private group, I sensed some women were uncertain of the word WILD; approaching it with caution and some reserve. Some I am sure never said the word vagina out loud; though they too were reconnecting with the wisdom of the female body in a powerful way.

I am on a passion-filled quest to reclaim the wild and the root of the female body from its domestication and sexual subjugation. To be wild is a sacred and holy calling to embody the wisdom found within the female body and the Feminine Principle.

A W.I.L.D.E Woman is a Wise, Instinctual, Luminous, Daughter of Earth. She knows its time humanity wrote a new story; sung a new song. Did something different. As Mary Oliver would ask, what will we do with our one wild and precious life?

We each have a seat with our name etched in gold at the fireside of the WILDE Feminine. She is calling to her daughters to take their rightful place and to reclaim our sovereignty on behalf of all we love and the planet Gaia herself.

I was so inspired by my recent Wild Feminine experience I wrote a four-part poem series dedicated to the WILDE Feminine and I created A 28 Day Lunar Journey with the Wild Feminine in order to help women make the teachings of the Wild Feminine a practical part of our daily lives.  To learn more and to claim your seat at the fireside of the Wild Feminine click here.

Yes, the WILDE Feminine is on the prowl and Her daughters are answering her howl. Perhaps you hear her even now. I leave you with the first in a four-part series of poems dedicated to the W.I.L.D.E Woman in us all:

Not Afraid to Say It

The WILDE Woman is Wise:
she divines the truth behind the lie.

She faces the shadows
and draws out the light.
She knows what she knows
and will tell it,
shout it, drum it, dance it,
and dream it into being
on a moonless night.
She’s tired of the bullshit
and not afraid to say it
to you,
to the president,
to her lover,
or herself.
She’s got the scars to prove it
but she no longer needs to.
She’s learned her lessons
and even written a few new ones.

She’s got sass and attitude
and doesn’t try to hide
she’s smarter than the peanut gallery

trying to take up residence in her mind.
She’s ousted them all,
the voices that dim,
and crucify her truth.
She’s done believing
everyone else is right
and she should hold her tongue.

What good is a mouth you can’t use

to shout at the full moon:
This life,
this body,
this soul
is mine!

It’s time you got your own.
And she’s not afraid to say it
to you,
to the president,
to her lover,
or herself.

2019 Copyright by Edveeje Fairchild