Burned out and desperately frayed around the edges, in 2017 I took a seven-month sabbatical from my position as Chief Operations Officer of an international environmental organization. Seven months turned into two-years. 

I had no map. Only an aching need to find True North. Soul led me on a safari deep into my internal jungle. I took an honest look at how my style of environmental activism and leadership was clear cutting my soul and deforesting my life.

I longed to live in joy, but my need to organize, structure, and force outcomes was destroying the wellbeing of my soul’s natural ecology. In the name of environmental activism, my spiritual canopy was thinning, my passion for growth stunted, and the understory of my life depleted of essential nourishment.

But soul thrives in the midst of our personal paradoxes and contradictions.  My soul safari has brought me to a powerful (and sometimes confusing) crossroad.

Life is asking me to truly harmonize my inner Feminine Nature of sensuality, receptivity, joy, play and passion with the Masculine Nature that manifests change through action, strategy, and mastery. My on-going quest(ion) is: how can I let my joy-filled feminine nature and my spirituality lead as I create positive environmental change in the world in a way that brings me fully alive?

Planetary and cultural change requires this new kind of spiritual alchemy; one in which we combine the elixir of our feminine nature and spirituality with the catalytic power of our activism. This spiritual alchemy is an intentional and conscious activation of both our feminine and masculine natures into a potent root medicine for our times. 


If you would like to join me on my quest, I have created an alchemical container called Temple of the Sacred and Wild, a sacred and private Facebook group for women who are passionate about exploring the crossroads of our spirituality and priestess-hood with manifesting powerful change on behalf of Gaia and the natural world we so deeply love and want to safeguard. I hope to see you there. The password for joining is Sacred Feminine.