Life is beautiful. And life is meant to be joyful; filled with moments that make us gasp with delight, shiver with expectation, and drop us to our knees in appreciation. We are called to embody our deepest desires, knowing it’s our joy that meets the world’s deep needs.

Women long for beauty. We long to experience joy. We ache to feel the expansiveness of our love overflow to those people, places, and causes we cherish.  But to regularly feel beauty in our bones, joy flowing through our veins, and our soul pulsing with life-passion, we need a new practice with ancient origins.

Are you tired of being tired and overwhelmed by your sense of being overwhelmed? Is your stress level starting to stress you out? Do you ache for something more – something more alive, more vital, more passionate than the 9-to-5? If you said yes to any of these, then Sabbatical is the wild and sacred medicine for which your soul is longing.

The Executive Sabbatical is an ancient spiritual practice with a modern leadership spin. It is a spiritual calling to rest, rejuvenate, and restore ourselves as the basis of our leadership.

If you long to set out on a year-long Sabbatical, ache to find a glorious way to carve out a partial Sabbatical or are curious about how to slow your life down in the spirit of Sabbatical, the wisdom of Nature has much to say about how you can go about it.

I have observed the Sabbath practice for over 46 years, designed and engaged multiple mini-Sabbaticals around the world, completed a formal eighteen-month Sabbatical, and inspired hundreds of women to find a more soulful way to experience the world of work.

Whatever your Great Work is, I invite you to consciously shape it, dare it, and do it!  But root and grow it from a place of deep rest, renewal and joy. Because only then can you be truly wild and free.  Only then can you offer the world, not your sorrow and sacrifice, but your deep joy and your passion for life.

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An intimate sharing from the former TreeSisters’ Director of Communications, Sophie Jane Mortimer, about her Nature-based Feminine Leadership coaching experience with Edveeje