“Could it be that we have forgotten quiet conversation, where silence, darkness, and slowness can have their place?”
-Johan Eklof

At the heart of a Soul Conversation is deep listening by an Anam Cara. I define an Anam Cara (the Celtic term made popular by author John O’Donohue) as part soul friend, part spiritual guide, and part life coach. My role as an Anam Cara and Nature-based Feminine Wisdom Coach is to reflect your soul’s inner voice and guidance back to you in a practical and grounded way. I do this through deep presence and listening that create a catalytic container of gestation and transformation.

Soul Conversations are an hour long and begin with a few moments of silence that enable us each to fully arrive and become present. From that silence, I will invite you to check in on a deeper level of awareness. Check-ins include your general emotional weather as well as significant events or insights from the previous week.

After our initial Check-in, I will invite us both to drop into a deeper and longer silence in which you will tune into how your soul is really doing and what is most alive for you. When you touch the center of what you most long to share, you can begin to speak any time and go almost anywhere. I will follow you in silence as I take it all in. 

My silence and full attention allow you to fully express all that wants to be expressed without being interrupted or questioned, which is a rare and valuable experience in today’s culture. When you are complete with a particular thought block, simply say, “I am complete for now.” This is my cue to share any repeating patterns, intuitions, or suggestions your sharing evoked in me.

Throughout our time together I will continue to invite you to slow down and go into a deeper silence to listen to what your soul is saying as the springboard for our soul conversation. This experience, repeated over time and acted upon, is profoundly catalytic and transformative.

I believe video calls distract from (rather than add to) a Soul Conversation. Johan Eklof sums it up beautifully in his book The Darkness Manifesto: “Some psychologists contend that darkness would enable deeper conversations, in which the therapist and patient could speak undisturbed, completely without other impressions. It is often easier to open up and talk about yourself when you’re not visible, not exposed to gazes and scrutiny in a penetrating light.”

His experience of being able to talk in the dark, be quiet and still for a moment, reflect on his life – outside of his ego and responsibilities – was both valuable and novel. My experience with Soul Conversations is that they are deeply encouraging, inspiring, and healing. Soul Conversations are the dark cocoon in which we dissolve, shift our identity, and emerge as someone more like ourselves. Over time, our souls don’t just emerge and unfold. They soar.

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