Imagine a world in which women’s womb-based wisdom is the compass that points humanity True North; a world in which our inner feminine nature reflects and embodies the power, vibrancy, and true life-giving wildness of Nature.

Imagine a world in which women boldly reclaim our glory, our wisdom, and our wildness as the basis of our feminine leadership and soul work. Imagine a world in which business, and the way we work, are both in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature.

Imagine a world in which every young woman is initiated into her soul’s true wild nature as she learns how to navigate life instinctually and menstrually. Imagine a world in which every professional woman embodies her soul’s vocation as the means by which she contributes to the Great Work.

Imagine a world in which every executive leader – every founder of an organization or company – is encouraged to tap into her inner nature and outer nature as the source of her wisdom and nature-based feminine leadership.

I believe in that world. Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom is the connection between a woman’s inner nature and outer nature as an emerging paradigm of feminine leadership in which we access the wisdom of our wombs (through our pelvic bowls and monthly cycles) and the wisdom of Nature to inform, inspire, and guide how we lead our lives, families, communities, organizations, causes, and companies.

Women are birthing The Great Work, and as such, the metaphors of “conception, pregnancy, birthing and midwifery” are also an emerging feminine form of business development and operations. Accessing and nourishing the depths of our pelvic bowl, the sacred center of our souls and our womb wisdom, is an emerging art form in business leadership.

Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom creates a metaphysical womb in which a woman’s innovative ideas and dreams can be conceived, nourished, and birthed as vocations and businesses that make the world a better place for everyone.

Nature-Based Feminine Wisdom is “eco-psycho-spiritual” in nature, which means as women and leaders we choose to put soul and spirit, as well as our darling Planet Earth’s well-being, back into the leadership and business equation.

Women are being invited as leaders in a Great Renewal in service of the Sacred Feminine and the restoration of Nature. The Womb and Nature are sources of feminine leadership and wisdom. It is time we access The Creative Matrix of the Womb and of Nature herself and step fully into our nature-based feminine leadership.

An intimate sharing from the former TreeSisters’ Director of Communications, Sophie Jane Mortimer, about her Nature-based Feminine Leadership coaching experience with Edveeje